Digital Management Platform for Caregivers

  • Accurate information at the point of care, no-more paperwork
  • Easy daily care task schedules and caregiver shift scheduling
  • Management view of caregiver progress
  • GPS Monitoring and hours for Homecare
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Why Choose Us?

We believe it is possible to provide Better Care to elders depending on caregivers’ support. We believe information at the point of care is critical for providing the right care. We want to give elders, families and caregivers a different care experience. It is our duty to give disabled elders an opportunity for Better Lives.

Using BetterCare

  • Ease of use, even for low tech staff
  • Eliminate Paperwork
  • Remove the language and Cultural barrier often found between caregivers, nurses and management
  • Real-time information on the status of care
  • Manage Easily:
    • Residents
    • Caregivers
    • Nurses
    • Shift Management
    • Personalized detailed care plans
    • Real time reports on care tasks
  • Helps prevent pressure sores
  • Helps sustain physical functions
  • Enables nurses to communicate shifts, tasks and special care instruction in an instant easy way
  • On time documentation of important data
  • Personalized nurse alert system for problems in resident care between caregivers

For your Organization

Highlights Of BetterCare

Assisting hard working caregivers and care managers in working together to become a better team, more efficient and more transparent.


Significant reduction in the Conflict between caregivers

Caretaker Tasks

Increase in the efficiency of Caretaker tasks

Nurses Efficiency

Increase in the Operational Efficiency of nurses


Significant reduction in the Friction between caregivers and nurses


Increases flow of information efficiency


Increase in reporting accuracy

Family Complaints

Significant reduction in Family Complaints

Training Time

Reduction in Caregiver Training Time







Increase Decrease
Self-Esteem Time wasted on Daily Tasks
Efficiency Level of Churn
Quality of Care Friction Between Staff
Access to Information Training Time

Care Managers/Nurses

Increase Decrease
Real-time Information Paperwork
Accuracy of reports Time Wastage
Efficiency Frustration
Transparency Stress & Ward workload


Increase Decrease
Bond with the Carer Likelihood of bedsores complication
Quality of Care Likelihood of Dehydration
Quality of Information Likelihood of Stool Stones
Strengthen ties with Staff Likelihood of Falls


Increase Decrease
Quality of Information & control Overheads and Costs
Marketing Advantage Staff changeover
Variety of Reports and data Conflict/Friction with Staff
Internal Audit Regulatory Issues

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