24/7 Care for your parent, your way of being hands on remotely

Parent Care – An essential addition to looking after your loved one

  • Personalised care plan
  • Appointments schedule
  • Finance management
  • Real time information on the status of care for your parent or loved one.
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Personalized Care Plan

As a family member, you want to be able to know that your loved one is being cared for properly.

With BetterCare you can easily update a personalized daily care plan for the caregiver to follow.

As the caregiver follows through on his tasks, you will be able to monitor the daily activity at any time and see which tasks were performed and when.


As a family member, just one of the items that you need to deal with when taking care of a parent or loved one in the financial aspect.

Everyday items need to be taken care of by the caregiver when the family is not present, from groceries, to transportation, BetterCare offers a built-in solution for managing finance with the caregiver.


Having a loved one in need of care often requires external appointments either inside the premises or in an external location outside Caregivers are added easily, their pictures are taken and their personal information is added which makes it easier for management.

Caregivers are then placed in shifts and are allocated residents in every shift.

Using the BetterCare App, the caregivers have their schedule right in front of them. The use of the icons eliminate any problem with language.

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