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Simplifying Caretaker Management in the Digital age

Bettercare is a comprehensive system that addresses the challenge of managing caretakers in all care surroundings

  • Improving the quality of care
  • Time saving
  • Elimination of language and cultural gaps
  • All care plan information is available at the click of a button
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Bettercare is an agile company that collaborates, enters new markets, and develops innovative solutions for our clients. Stay informed about our latest news and developments.

July 25, 2023
latest news
The Israeli Ministry of Health is financing Bettercare 2nd year in a row!

Israel MOH Is now having a second round of financing Institutions who want to implement a digital platform for managing caregivers. Bettercare is at a perfect situation of fully qualifying for this initiative after the great success of last year where 31 new organizations benefited from this program and now enjoy all the benefits of using Bettercare

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July 25, 2023
Bettercare research was chosen to be presented at the 16th Israeli Health Policy conference held in Tel Aviv in 2023!

The Bettercare Pilot, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, conducted between 2021-2022, has been selected for presentation at the 16th Health Policy Conference on May 2023. The pilot results clearly demonstrated that the software contributes to improving the quality of care and easing the workload for healthcare teams in geriatric and mental health departments.

July 25, 2023
Bettercare presents a unique collaboration with sensors and AI camera monitoring companies to enhance quality of care!

Bettercare has established strategic collaborations with Vayyar and OLA Care, renowned providers of real-time information solutions in the healthcare sector. This alliance ushers in a new era of healthcare management, monitoring, and control, ultimately elevating the standards of quality and safety across the industry.


User experience

Our customer base is growing fast and so is our product.
We listen to our customer’s feedback and work closely with them to improve Bettercare.
Customers that implemented Bettercare can not imagine life without it.

Why us

Using BetterCare

Working with Bettercare allows you to enjoy the unique benefits that we provide with the most friendly product on the market:

  • Easy to use even for low-tech staff
  • Gaps language and cultural barriers
  • Managing and monitoring care on real time
  • Managing day-to-day tasks and special tasks in an easy manner
  • Helps prevent pressure sores
  • Helps sustain physical functions
  • Ease in training and monitoring a replacing caretaker
  • Easily managing work schedule, holidays, sick leave and vacations
  • Collecting signatures for tasks and working hour presence

Now you will easily manage:

Individual Daily schedule
A Replacing caretaker
Shifts and assignments
Individual care plans
Changes in care plan
Caretaker’s tasks and schedule
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Highlights Of BetterCare

Assisting hard working caregivers and care managers in working together
to become a better team, more efficient and more transparent.

Nurse Efficiency

Boost operational efficiency for nurses

Team work

Improve collaboration and reduce friction between caregivers and nurses

Information Flow

Significant increase in the efficiency of information flow

Reporting Accuracy

Remarkable improvement in reporting quality and accuracy

Training Time

Streamline caregiver training with a noticeable reduction in duration


Increase self esteem and empowers caretakers in a significant way

Caretaker Task Efficiency

Elevate caretaker task efficiency for enhanced performance

Family Complaints

Significate reduction in number of family complaints