Bringing healthcare to the Digital Age

Caregiver Management Platform

  • Remove paper backed, delayed and inaccurate information
  • Reduce the inefficiencies of training Caregivers
  • Increase the efficiency of the completion of daily tasks
  • Reduce the workload for caregiver managers and use the available time to improve the care to Elders
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Manage Residents And Care Plan

1 Add new residents

2 Add accessories and personal information

3 Add a personalised care plan

4 Start Working

With over 20 different personalised details such as dentures, hearing aids and so. The resident administration takes into account not only the basic resident information but also the special needs and details of the resident that are so important to families and the well-being of the resident.

There are over 100 different care task icons the care plan for the resident can be tailor made and very personal and easy to transmit to the caregivers.

Manage Caregivers and Shifts

Caregivers are added easily, their pictures are taken and their personal information is added to make it easier for management and personal for the caregiver.

Caregivers are then placed in shifts and are allocated to residents in every shift.

Using the BetterCare App, the caregivers have their schedule right in front of them. The use of the icons eliminate any problem with language.

Both the caregiver and the caregiver manager are able to monitor the progress of the shift’s care in real time.

Real-time Reports

Reports are available based on real-time information received from the caregivers via the BetterCare App. As the daily tasks are performed by the caregiver the information is digitally stored.

Reports can be issued with a maximum amount of filters so that they can be tailored to a user or organization’s needs.

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