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Reduce Costs and Accurately Report Hours


Cleaner Tasks

Increase in the efficiency of Caregiver tasks



Increase in reporting accuracy

Common Issues Faced In Cleaning Companies

Cleaning Company operators throughout the world often face strategic challenges in the workplace.

  • Paper based reporting of tasks as well as monthly hours
  • Difficulty in updating changes in tasks required
  • Language barriers between cleaners their managers causing poor communication, tasks unfulfilled, inability to manage properly
  • An issue with real time follow-up on cleaners work
  • An issue updating on real time tasks to do
  • Challenges managing available staff against offices or buildings to be maintained
  • High churn rates for cleaners
Digital Transformation

Digitize Cleaning Operation Management

Using the BetterCare Management Platform will take your Cleaning operation to the digital age and you will be able to enjoy real time information, reporting, reduction in paperwork and a general improvement in efficiency of running your cleaning operation.

Eliminate the Language Barrier

Easy To Use Icon Based Platform

Using the BetterCare Management Platform removes the issues often faced with the language barrier that may exist between cleaners and their managers. The clever use of icons and the ease of use of the platform and the app saves precious time and allows easy update of the tasks required without the need to directly contact the cleaner.

Accurate Reporting of Hours Spent

Reduce Costs by Receiving Accurate Updates on Time Spent & GPS Monitoring

Using the BetterCare Management Platform can eliminate the need for manual updates of hours performed in Janitorial duties. GPS monitoring as well as digital updates of visiting hours can potentially save the Cleaning operations significant sums.

The ability of the caregiver manager to receive real-time hours spent on visits from remote locations can have significant benefits to operation management as well as budgets and management of resources.

Digitalize the Flow of Information

Real Time Transfer of Information

As cleaners follow their daily task schedule by easily updating tasks performed. The information is stored by Bettercare for immediate access by their managers. The Managers dashboard displays irregularities for monitoring or action such as alerts to the condition of the premises.

The ability for managers to update existing cleaning plans remotely and instantly increases the efficiency of the operation.
Visit Scheduling for the cleaners is a powerful tool in their management, as cleaners have access to future visits on call and should the cleaning operation authorise, it has the ability to update additional visit requests, change in preferred times and so on.

Get Vital Reports Effortlessly

Eliminate Paperwork, Go Digital

Eliminate the use of paperwork when the BetterCare platform is used. All information is stored automatically and therefore allows managers, and management access to information that previously was very difficult to access. Not only will the information be easily accessible but also its reliability is super enhanced as information on actual work performed is entered real time.

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