Manage remote Homecare caregivers digitally

Homecare Personal Care Management Platform

  • Manage staff remotely easily
  • Caregivers have easy access to their visit schedules
  • GPS tracking and accurate actual hours done against hours expected
  • Digital signature authorizations for tasks and visits performed
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Visit Schedules

  • Online Visit Scheduling
  • Personalised care plan per client to follow
  • Realtime information flow between the caregiver and care manager
  • Visiting hours registered
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Digital signatures
  • Digital end of month reports

Managing caregivers remotely can be challenging for both the care manager and the caregiver.

To function efficiently, the Care manager needs to:

  • relay the different visits scheduled to the caregiver easily,
  • relay the care plan easily, and
  • receive real time information on where the care took place and what actually took place,
  • visits to be authorised and signed off.

Caregivers on the other hand are looking for similar but opposite solutions.

To function efficiently and be content with liason between themselves and management, they need to:

  • be able to easily view their visit schedules,
  • know exactly what tasks are required of them to complete,
  • know their hours were authorised and approved digitally and avoid unnecessary trips simply to pass on paper reports.

GPS Monitoring

The HomeCare organisation is able to activate GPS monitoring on selected tasks such as start and finish times. The GPS coordinates appear on the tasks as well as on the monthly reports.

Confirmation of location and time actually spent can potentially save the homecare outfit substantial funds.


At the end of every visit the Client is able to sign off on the visit that had taken place.
Digital confirmation from the client can be crucial to the organization and the family.

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