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Significant reduction in the Conflict between caregivers



Increase in the Operational Efficiency of nurses



Reduction in Caregiver Training Time

Common Issues Faced In Assisted Living & Memory Care

Assisted Living & Memory Care institutions throughout the world often face strategic challenges in the workplace.

  • High workload on caregivers and nurses due to high resident/staff ratio
  • High turnover rate of caregivers
  • Language barriers between caregivers and nurses causing poor communication, tasks unfulfilled, inability to manage properly, multiple problems in many aspects of running a ward
  • An issue with real time follow-up on caregivers work
  • Paper based caregiver management that requires wasted time and effort by nursing and management staff
  • Lack of reliable documentations and reporting of crucial care parameters such as bowel movement follow up, mobility exercises, repositioning, hydration and more
  • Complaints by families of attention to personal detail of residents
  • Complaints by families of attention to personal detail of residents
  • A real issue with complying with regulatory paperwork demands
Digital Transformation

Digitize Assisted Living & Memory Care Management

Using the BetterCare Management Platform will take your Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility to the digital age and you will be able to enjoy real time information, reporting, a reduction in paperwork and a general improvement in efficiency in the ward.

Eliminate the Language Barrier

Easy To Use Icon Based Platform

Using the BetterCare Management Platform removes the issues often faced with the language barrier that may exist between caregivers as well as caregivers and care managers. The clever use of icons and the ease of use of the platform and the app saves precious time in the ward and reduces unnecessary friction, by passing information on effortlessly between staff.

Reduce Caregiver Training Time & Caregiver Churn

Reduce Time Wasted & Improve the Work Environment

Using the BetterCare Management Platform reduces the amount of time needed when training caregivers. Saving time on training reduces costs and also reduces the workload on existing staff being caregivers and care managers alike.

Since the required tasks are displayed in a logical manner that is very easy to understand, the caregiver satisfaction level increases. Care managers are also able to send positive feedback to caregivers which also promotes their self-esteem and improves the work environment. All these help in reducing the rate of caregiver churn.

Digitalize the Flow of Information

Real Time Transfer of Information

As caregivers follow their daily task schedule by easily updating tasks performed. The information is stored by Bettercare for immediate access by care managers. The Care Managers dashboard displays irregularities for monitoring or action such as alerts to the condition of a resident.

Get Vital Reports Effortlessly

Eliminate Paperwork, Go Digital

Eliminate the use of paperwork when the BetterCare platform is used. All information is stored automatically and therefore allows care managers, nurses and management access to information that previously was very difficult to access. Not only will the information be easily accessible but also its reliability is super enhanced as information on care and treatment is entered real time. Regulatory reporting can become instantaneous.

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