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Tailored for caregivers and nursing assistants working in LTC facilities, assisted living and memory care

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what we do

About the product 

Bettercare is a digital management platform that is designed specifically for meeting the challanges of managing Caretakers and Nursing Assistants.

The system consists of a managerial web interface and a mobile application for caretakers. The mobile app is based on pictures and icons and does not require reading and writing skills.

Thought the pictures and icons the mobile app shows the caretakers the personal careplan and accessories for each resident and client. The system enables provisioning of excellent care.
Bettercare won the Israeli Ministry of Health tender on 2018 for enhancing quality of care in SNIF’s and is financially supported by the MOH following this tender.

who we are

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How it works

Main features

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Easy to use even for low-tech staff 
Digital signature on care parameters according to plan
Gaps language barriers
Allocation of residents, tasks and shifts between caretakers
Full info about personal accessories
Ability to report on skin condition - to prevent pressure sores
Personal care plan for each resident
Managing toileting, hydration and constipation prevention program in an easy manner

Why use our product

Using the BetterCare Management Platform will take your organization to the digital age so you will be able to enjoy real time information, reporting, a reduction in paperwork and more

Enhancing quality of care
Caretakers, CNA’s and low wage workers go digital
Improve communication within the unit
Easy management of  personalized care plan
Easy monitoring on Caretakers performance
Easy monitoring of resident Bowel Movement
Easy communicating and monitoring personal accessories
Data transfer into the digital medical chart
Automatic daily, weekly and monthly reports
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Our partners

We believe that the way to create  maximum value to our customers is to allow connectivity to other products to allow our customers to enjoy the best products and a fluent work experience.

Bettercare sustains full API which allows fast connectivity to any ERP and EMR system the customer is using.

Connectivity to Israeli leading Sensors and Cameras providers:

  • Integration of information received from the sensors with the information on Bettercare
  • On time allerts when care is not provided as required
  • On time allers when there is a mismatch between caregiver reporting and sensors data
our results

Highlights Of BetterCare

Assisting hard working caregivers and care managers in working together
to become a better team, more efficient and more transparent.


Significant reduction in the Conflict between caregivers

Caretaker Tasks

Increase in the efficiency of Caretaker tasks

Nurses Efficiency

Increase in the Operational Efficiency of nurses


Significant reduction in the Friction between caregivers and nurses


Increases flow of information efficiency


Increase in reporting accuracy

Family Complaints

Significant reduction in Family Complaints

Training Time

Reduction in Caregiver Training Time







User experience

Our customer base is growing fast and so is our product.
We listen to our customer’s feedback and work closely with them to improve Bettercare. Customers that implemented Bettercare can not imagine life without it.

people choose us

Our customers

We believe that the way to create the maximal value to our customers is to allow connectivity to other products to allow our customers to enjoy the best products and a fluent work experience.