We’re here to improve the lives of Elders

By providing a professional management platform for caregivers, our aim is to:
  • Improve the level of service

  • Reduce the workload

  • Reduce costs

  • Remove the Language Barrier

  • Reduce health complications

  • Increase efficiency in the workplace

  • Digitalizing processes

  • free up staff from duties that are redundant

  • Use of easy to understand digital communication

  • Improve the flow of information

Digitize Processes & Maximize Control

Digital communication management platform for caregivers.

Millions of elders hospitalized in skilled nursing facilities, geriatric hospitals and home-care treatment plans experience unnecessary suffering due to insufficient coordination and communication between staff members.

BetterCare provides a solution for care suppliers, designed to enhance the quality of care, provide accurate information at the point of care, and bridge language and cultural gaps between staff members.

As part of the overall quality of care enhancement, BetterCare aims to influence and reduce events such as dehydration, hard pebble-like stool, pressure ulcers and more. BetterCare’s solution reduces the workload of the nurse/manager in charge, increases resident and family satisfaction and reduces long-term-care treatment costs. The product is intended specifically for communicating and managing personal care for fragile elders and individuals with special needs.

BetterCare removes the language barriers faced in many institutions with a user friendly interface allowing caregivers to follow schedules easily and update in real time.

Nursing or management staff can now manage their teams easily online, without the need for often problematic explanation with foreign care givers that lack reading and writing skills and have a local language barrier.

Advanced management tools that update tasks and provide GPS coordinates for home care. Families can now monitor in real time the status of their loved ones. Management staff now have all the care information online and up to date, reports on all aspects of care are readily available, no more paperwork.

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Some of the Benefits of using the BetterCare platform

  • Easy to use, even for low tech staff,
  • Removes the language barrier between staff,
  • Daily care task schedules for easy deployment and efficiency,
  • Easy selection on tasks performed,
  • Record health alerts on realtime with messages or photos,
  • Caregiver’s able to see future shifts or visits for homecare,
  • Management view of care progress realtime,
  • Instant flow of information between caregivers and nurses/management,
  • Effective Shift Management,
  • Create/Edit personal detailed personal care plan,
  • Reduce conflict between caregivers,
  • Reduce friction between caregivers and nurses/management staff,
  • Increase satisfaction ratio for caregivers,
  • Reduce churn rate of caregivers,
  • Reduce training time of caregivers,
  • Increase reporting accuracy,
  • Enhance the quality of care

BetterCare Milestones

  • March 2019

    BetterCare picked as a finalist for the Glickman Prize for Excellence and Quality of Care for the Elderly for 2019

  • December 2018

    BetterCare winner of the Israeli Ministry of Health tender for “Enhancing Quality of Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

  • March 2018

    BetterCare winner of Innovation Authority pre R&D Funding Program (2018)

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